Shazad-ur-Rahman is a district manager for Bata Pakistan in the country’s capital, Lahore, and is currently in first place in the Bata Retail Run rankings in the country. He spoke to Bata World News to reveal some of the ways in which he is motivating the 17 stores in his district, keeping them energized and enthusiastic for the race.

What do you think about Bata Retail Run?

This competition is a great initiative. It encourages the participation of teams and their motivation. The most exciting part is that we enter into the biggest arena of the worldwide competition. This boosts our sales. The Bata Retail Race has built the platform for us to compete and think globally. It made it possible to bring all Bata nations under one umbrella. Also, the rewards and prizes are very attractive and exciting.

For District 523, the Bata Retail Run is a great initiative. The teams are very motivated and always follow their results.

What are the most important things you have done to improve your district’s performance in the contest?

I have always believed in working as a team by sharing views and information with team members. The team was enthusiastic about this race from the very beginning, and accepted my direction readily. They have been talking about this a lot with each other, and I can see the excitement levels are always high.

My managers have downloaded the Retail Run app to their mobile phones, and are constantly tracking their own performance and that of other stores. The main actions we have implemented are based on strengthening the communication of work goals, as well as being clear on what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

What are the keys to success in the Bata Retail Run?

I achieved the top performance because of our team effort. I’ve always tried to increase the units per transaction of individual sales staff members and stores. I also did merchandising follow up and trained all sales staff in the modern and new 5 Step service strategies. Lastly, all my stores and teams took the competition of the Bata Retail Run to heart and worked their level best to achieve the goals.

For me, the protagonists in this competition are the store teams, and the key is to always encourage them by common goals: a profitable business and being the best in meeting business goals. I believe that the Bata Retail Run is a great incentive program. My team and I are very motivated to win this contest. We started with high expectations, and we want to win this second run.

What is your team doing to increase your chances of victory? Bata World News would like to hear from teams around the world, to report on your successes throughout the contest. Write to us at [email protected], telling us about your initiatives, and remember to send us your photos of your team as they race to the finish line.