An Inspiring success story from India.

Bhavesh Chandubhai Bhatia, commonly known as Bhavesh Bhatia, is a blind entrepreneur and founder of Sunrise Candles. Sunrise Candles is a candle making company run majorly by visually disabled people.

“I used to cry when i think of my childhood” says bhavesh on an interview. He was complete blind at the age of 23, mother was a cancer patient. He used to think day and night , unable do anything of situation. His mother left him at the age of 23.

He reached “national blind organization,bombay” in 1999 and learned how to make candle. Bhavesh used to make candle whole night and was selling it next day in MAHABALESWAR chowk.He was all alone and without a dream.
“A girl used to comes to buy candle. Don’t know whether those candle may able to lighten up his residence or not , but her sweet talk enlightened the darkness inside my heart ” –bhavesh

The girl is not other than his wife Neeta.

When Neeta came to Bhavesh’s life, they took 15k loan from bank and start making candle. They went to Big malls , customer and start making candles of different colors and sizes. With an amount of 15k Bhavesh started business and now “sunrise candles” makes an average transitions of crores annually. His company makes 9 thousands design of candles and maximum of these are exported to foreign countries.

Bhavesh not only do business , he search for blind people and train them,99% employees of the organization are blind.
Bhavesh likes sports too much and a good runner. His morning start with playing with his wife neeta. Bhavesh tie a nylon rope behind neeta‘s car and start running.


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